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Description of Bernard Chinn's tunes Show me the tune descriptions
All compositions, ©1996-2008, Bernard Chinn. All rights reserved
71 compositions listed 
Small band jazz loosely based on the Gery Mulligan sound.
A Reflection
The key of Db offers unique subtle textures which make it ideal for quiet mood music.
Accidental Waltz
Although mainly interested in jazz piano, I quite enjoy writing short pieces for small orchestra.   I use a Cakewalk sequencer and a Roland synth, and although the results are hardly spectacular, they afford a good basis to work from.
A piece with a Mediterranean flavour.
Bernies Bossa
Bernies Rag
I think I must have been inspired to write this after watching  'Pot Black'. Does anyone else remember that prog?   
I know - its another waltz, I must have some acquired some genes from Vienna. Seriously it is a beautiful musical form - and I love it.

I felt it was time to offer another small item to Songtrellis, this is a flowery little piano solo.

For you Charles, an inconsequential original - nothing more than a quick doodle on the piano, not too jazzy for your venue, I hope. Regards, Bernard.
Concert Waltz
I love the sound of a pan flute, so designed this piece to take advantage of the instrument. Many years ago, several Peruvian groups toured this country, I was fascinated by their wonderful rhythms etc., pity we don't hear more of this kind of music and less of the interminable pop. (Soapbox please!)
Cresta Run
Another little jazz piece in the Mulligan idiom.
An attempt at a short atmospheric piece.   I don't know if it is was successful!!
Perhaps its because of the state of this world that I occasionally get the urge to express a little of the sadness. Hence 'Deloroso' which is about as sad as I can get. I promise that the next piece will be much happier!!!
Following 'Wrap Around', may I introduce the link between chromatic and 5th (pentatonic) harmonic sequences. The Midi file 'Descent' gives two examples of a descending chromatic sequence in the treble, while the bass maintains the normal 5th sequence. Chord names are as follows: 1. C9 - F7+ - Bb9 - Eb7+ 2. C13 - F7#9 - Bb13 - Eb7#19 There are several other possibilities, for example: Treble Bb,D,E,A - Bass C. This is a little cluster C13 and the next descending chord would be F7+(#9). Very weird - note how the chords alternate. I have attached a Midi file and (hopefully) a gif with the same name. Hope you find this of some interest.
Easy does it
A little piece reminiscent of music which abounded those many years ago.
Edwards Waltz
I tried to capture the feel of an Old Tyme ballroom waltz ???
Example 2
See Composing and arranging Part 4
Example One
See accompanying document 'Composing and arranging Part 3'
Fiddle Faddle
Funtime for Flutes
Impro. on the changes "By the time I get to Phoenix"
Improv. on the changes of 'My Romance'
Improvisation based on the changes of How Insensitive
Antonio Carlos Jobin was the author of the very well known "Girl from Ippanema". Perhaps lesser known but equally excellent songs are "Corcovada" (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars) Dindi Wave One Note Samba Desafinado (Slightly Out Of Tune) Meditation and the beautiful song that I have used as a basis of a short improvisation: How Insensitive (Insensatez)
Improvisation on the changes of All I Do Is Dream Of You
Improvisation on the changes of "Baubles Bangles and Beads"
The complex and interesting harmonic changes of this classic, adapted from the pen of Borodin, make it a perfect vehicle for an improvisation.
Improvisation on the changes of Over The Rainbow
Improvisation on the changes of This Can't Be Love
Improvisation on the changes of 'Meditation'
A little indulgance on my part - not quite what A C Jobin intended I fear.
Improvisation on the changes of 'Nature Boy'
Based loosely on the harmonies and style of 'Nature Boy'
Imrovisation on the changes of All The Things You Are
In my view Jerome Kern's All The Things You Are is one of the loveliest songs ever written.
Jacquamar Waltz
I quite like the opportunities available in the waltz tempo, and this is one of many compositions I have made in this mode.
Yet another waltz - I must admit I am an old fashioned b at heart. Promise to try somethting more modern next time.
A little mood music
I must have been feeling really depressed when I penned this piece.
March of the Magi
I thought it was about time to offer another march - although I don't think I will ever be compared to Mr Sousa!
March of the Monarchs
I felt I needed a change from the waltzes!!
Something a little different - I suppose one could call it 'moody' music.
Mercury Waltz
I don't quite know why I like this style, perhaps its because I am an old fashioned musician at heart.
An attempt to create the music cacophony of a fair.
Midnight Waltz
OK, I know I said I was finished with writing for a while, but I couldn't resist posting this little waltz. At least its unlike many of my other offerings.
Minor Miracle

A jazz item in a minor key mode, although the middle section changes to a major key to give a lift to the piece.  I was quite pleased with the bass solo.  (All the instrumental solos are 'live')


Mucho Torro
Muse for Mary
Nimble Fingers
Although I appear to be out of favour with David,  I am still busy writing and recording original piano pieces.  I hope this little waltz will amuse you.
Oddity Waltz

Yes!  Yet another one.

I think this will be my last waltz for the time being at least, I feel I need a break from writing. My thanks for all the feedback, and to all those who took a little time off to listen to my small offerings.
Pumpkins Polka
A little bit of nonsense for the string and woodwind sections.
Tongue in cheek honky tonk piano solo.
A little bit of Honky Tonk nonsense.
Ramble over 6 Strings
My small tribute to Barney Kessel - truly one of the greatest jazz guitarists.
Russian Waltz
An experiment to see what I could do with a small string orchestra.
Shades of Lima

A waltz with just a hint of the interesting cross rhythms of  Peruvian music.


My small tribute to a much loved family pet, a sort of lament.   For anybody interested in technical detail, the guitar solo part was played live (by yours truly) and superimposed on the the orchestra accompaniment, which was sequenced (except for the harp).   If this sounds confusing, how do you think I feel!
Song for Schoon
I thought it was time to make another small contribution to SongTrellis, this is just another piano improvisation dedicated to an old friend Chas Schoonmaker.
Song for Sophia
A short light hearted piece written for the young daughter of a friend.
Spring Rhapsody

I suppose the only reason I called this 'Spring Rhapsody' was that I wrote it in  May.   (I never was any good at giving good titles).

Study in Gminor
A short piece that emerged from 'tinkling' - thought it might be worth while submitting - it is only around 80 secs.
An experiment in the unusual!
To a Friend

I wrote this item as a musical tribute to a friend, whose support and encouragement have helped me enormously since I retired from professional playing.

Waltz Bernidino
Yet another waltz!!
Waltz Decimo
David says that I have submitted nine waltzes so far, so there are no prizes for guessing where the title of this one originated.
Waltz in Eb
Winter Waltz
Wrap Around

'Wrap Around' is not a serious composition - more a musical illustration of the use of the 5 note(pentatonic) cycle, in which all 12 keys are represented. Variations abound in this basic form, which is ideal for experimentation. I have only used 3 channels - violins 1 and 2 plus bass.

Score for composition: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, and Page 4

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Copyright © 1996-2008 Bernard Chinn. All rights reserved.

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