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Description of Eileen Sauer's tunes Show me the tune descriptions
All compositions, ©1996-2008, Eileen Sauer. All rights reserved
3 compositions listed 
Backtrack 01 - Sunrise
First of four backing tracks
Backtrack 02 - Mystery
Second of four. In response to a previous question Chas posted, I record everything manually (and Garageband kindly erases the mistakes).
Backtrack 04 - Gypsy
The finished version of this actually contains 7 tracks, but I left 3 here.

It's not easy converting Garageband to MIDI but I do have the corresponding AIFF files which I'll submit here as well. They're huge relative to MP3 compression, but hopefully they'll index.

Hopefully having both the MP3 and AIFF versions will help the bandwidth challenged a bit.

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Copyright © 1996-2008 Eileen Sauer. All rights reserved.

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