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Top > SongTrellis Site How-Tos > How To Download A MIDI Sequence From The Changes section of the SongTrellis site
 Select a tune from those that are listed on The Changes page and follow its link. When that tune's page loads you will see that it has a link entitled "Download/view this sound (in MIDI format)".
 When you click on this link, your browser will take it's default action for clicking on a MIDI link. By default, this will most likely cause a media player (Windows Media Player, QuickTime, Real Player) to launch which will play the tune chord progression in MIDI format.
 If you right click on that link with your mouse pointer when you run on a Windows web browser or Control-click from a Macintosh web browser, you will find that a menu popups at the location of the mouse pointer. On that menu, a command to "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" will be displayed. If you select that command, a Save dialog will be brought up which will allow you to select the location in your computer's file system where you wish the downloaded sequence to be stored.
 If you wish, you can change your browser's default action to launch an application which can display the MIDI sequence as a musical score.
 If you are running on Windows, MIDI Notate does a wonderful job of interpreting MIDI sequences as scores.
  If you run your web browser on Macintoshes, the SongTrellis Music Editor reads almost all of the postings in The Changes and The Rhythms, and those MIDI files posted in Our Composers which were created by that program. If a tune's page includes a link to the "SongTrellis Excerpt Service", the Editor can display a score for the downloaded sequence. As we continue to beta test the editor we expect it to be able to read nearly all MIDI sequences which it encounters.
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