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Top > SongTrellis Site How-Tos > How To Compose A New Melody Upon a Chord Progression using Your Workscore > The first control group in the left panel allows you to specify the duration of the next notes you enter into your Workscore.
 There is a Duration radio button group and a Rhythm Pattern group, which determine the durations of the next notes you enter in the score.
  If the Duration group is selected, the next notes you enter will given the Duration selected in the Duration menu. If for example, you have selected "eighth note" duration all of the notes you enter after this will be given eighth not duration until you make a different duration selection.
 If instead the Rhythm Pattern group is selected, the next notes you enter will have their durations specified by the rhythm pattern that is currently named by the Rhythm Pattern popup menu. The rhythm patterns are cycles of note and rest durations that are usually a half bar, full bar or two bars in length.
 When a rhythm pattern is selected, the Workscore Composer notices the location in the score where you are entering a new note, and aligns the beginning of the selected pattern with the beginning of the bar, half bar, or two bar cycle that you are working in. It chooses the duration of your next note, so that it's initial attack and duration is the same as the note in the pattern that corresponds to your current location within a cycle.
 If you selected a ryhthm pattern that consists of a dotted eighth note, a sixteenth note, a half note, a quarter triplet and an eighth triplet, which in total defines a one-bar length five note pattern, and started typing pitches into your score, the first note you enter would be given a dotted eighth duration, the second would be entered as a 16th, the third would enter as half note, the fourth would be a quarter triplet, and the fifith would be an eighth triplet.
 If you entered five more notes, their durations would follow the dotted eighth, sixteenth, half note, quarter triplet, eighth triplet cycle specified by the selected pattern in the next bar of your score.
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