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Top > SongTrellis Site How-Tos > How To Submit a new score in MIDI format to Song Discussions. Your score will immediately be listed in the Our Composers section of SongTrellis once it has been submitted
 Follow the Song Discussions link which appears in the link bar at the top of most SongTrellis pages. Below the list of messages that were posted last on SongTrellis, click on the link titled "Create a new sound".
 A "Submit a new sound" form will launch. Type the title of your composition in the field labelled "Title". Press the Browse button to locate the composition that you would like to submit to SongTrellis on your computers file system. When you have selected it, the path name of the composition will appear in the field labelled "Choose A MIDI, WAV, AU or AIFF" file.
 SongTrellis promises that it will carry non-copyright infringing MIDI format submissions for as long as the site exists. Submissions made in other formats are thousands of times larger than MIDI sequences and may be deleted from the site at any time by the webmaster at his discretion.
 The server assumes that you are the most likely composer of the work that you are submitting and fills in the name you gave us when you registered with the site and displays that name in the Composer field of the form.
 If you are not the composer of your submission, you should type that person's name in the Composer field. No matter who the composer is, you will be listed as the person who submitted the sequence when it is recorded on SongTrellis.
 Fill in the text of the Copyright Notice for the piece, if it is a copyrighted work. If you have composed it, and do not wish to assert copyright for it, clear the Copyright Notice.
 In the edit field titled "Text", you may type any explanatory text that you think might be interesting to people who listen to your composition.
 When you are done filling in the form fields, press the "Post New Sound" button at the bottom of the page. The process of transmitting and recording your composition on the server can take many seconds to complete. Do not press Post New Sound again until at least a minute or more has elapsed, otherwise you may end up posting it multiple times to the server. If you cause a double posting, email the webmaster so that he can supress the duplicate posts.
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