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Author J. Jagelka
Posted 7/2/01; 8:14:01 PM
Topic Pennies From Heaven
Msg# 2002 (in response to 1995)
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Yes, I also find the study of harmony in all its forms fascinating.  It's just a personal preference but I find this aspect of music much more interesting than exotic scales and/or rhythms.

For Smoke etc. I came up with Abm7b5, Gm7, Gbm7, Fdim for the first bar.  Long Ago etc. was tougher because of the sustained F in the melody but I find Bm7b5, Bbm7,Am7b13, Ab13 seems to work.  The strange looking Am7b13 is just an inverted voicing of a Fmaj9.   These were worked out on the guitar.  A keyboard might yield something different.

I would be very interested in any other harmonic devices you or any other contributor would like to write up and of course any other  solution to the two tunes under discussion.



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