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Author Matt Fisher
Posted 8/2/01; 1:43:44 PM
Topic Blue Bossa
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Can anyone explain what's going on with harmonically with the G7(#5), G7(b5), and G7 chords in this arrangement of Blue Bossa? It seems like the basic key centers are as follows:

  Bars 1-8: C natural (pure) minor

  Bars 9-12: Db Major

  Bars 13-16: C natural (pure) minor

The G7 would fit if the key shifts to C melodic minor for the duration of that chord. But I can't quite make sense of the G7(#5) and G7(b5). What key(s) are they in, and what scale(s) could you play over them?

My best guess would be that they're in Ab melodic minor, and that you could play a G altered scale over them.

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