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Author David Luebbert
Posted 7/27/02; 2:02:57 PM
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Very nice new submissions

While I was away on vacation, some very nice things were submiited to SongTrellis. Bernard Chinn submitted two new originals: Study In G Minor and For Mary. Joe Jagelka replied with a Study In F Minor (for Chuck Wayne).

Sid Thomas did a very nice arrangement of the chord sequence for Duke Pearson's Chili Peppers. Beatrice Lacey asked for help finding the chord sequence of Gershwin's Little Jazz Bird. Two days later Sid came back with a fine arrangement of that little played piece. Thanks, Sid!

Composed while travelling

While vacationing, I was able to finish one tune that I started four months ago, to write two new tunes from scratch, and to invent the chord sequence for a third that I finished when I got home. Their working titles currently reflect the circumstances of their creation: 4/8/02 Melody, 7/11/02 Yellowstone, and 7/19/02 Colorado Springs To Boulder. I've posted the MIDI sequence and a score for each. I'll have the newest one up on the site later this afternoon.

New chord progressions in The Changes since my return:

The arrangements of In Case You Missed It and Lil's Paradise are such complicated beasts they almost stand up as musical compositions in their own right.
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