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Author grahame rhodes
Posted 3/19/03; 12:25:49 AM
Topic Dr. Jekyll (aka Dr. Jackyll)
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Hi David

Well as promised here's my version. Just one thing. I dropped the 3/4 bar since most of my gigs are with trio's and very little rehearsal. I have two sequences and I switch backwards and forwards so that I can get out of the blues bag. Also this is in Bb concert. Here they are.

Number 1.......II:  F6/D,  F6/Bb,  Bb6,  Eb7flat9,  A7,  Gb6/Ab,  F6/G,  Ab6/F,  Ebmaj7,  '/,  F7sus(13),   '/.  :II 

Number 2.......II;  Abmaj7(b5)/E  Gmaj7(b5)/A II, 

Gbmaj7(b5)/D  Fmaj7(b5)/G   II, Emaj7(b5)/C  Ebmaj7(b5)/F II, 

Bb9 II,  up to here is just four bars in two.

Abmaj7(b5)/Bb Gmaj7(b5)/Eb  II,  Gbmaj7(b5)/Ab  Fmaj7(b5)/Db  II,

Emaj7(b5)/Gb  Ebmaj7(b5)/B  II,  Dm7(5)  II, another four bars. Then

Bbmaj7/C  II,  Bb7/F  II,  Bbmaj7  II, '/.  II. final four bars.

OK I'll try and explain how this works. Number 1 is just straight ahead with one chord per bar except the last two which are repeated. Second version is more difficult. Abmaj7(b5)/E  Gmaj7(5)/A is one measure, with II as a bar line. This can also be called b13ths with a cycle of fifths in the bass. Where the Abmaj7(b5)/Bb starts again then it's just a cycle of fifths in the bass again only this time starting on the Bb instead of the E natural.

For those of you who are interested in the history of this it's Duke's line. Fits about everything. Neat Eh! Hope this is helpful. Keep playing and to all you jazz trombone players out there. Don't let the negative publicity get you down. There are so few of us that any gigs at all is cool. I personaly would hate to be a sax player or worse a guitar player. There are millions of them. The bonus is the trombone players know each other. In the meantime Cheers and keep the faith.

                               Grahame Rhodes PEI Canada


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Last update: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 12:25 AM.