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Author Charles Schoonmaker
Posted 6/22/03; 10:38:51 PM
Topic Misty
Msg# 3779 (in response to 3777)
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Doug,    I am not Dave but I suspect you are new to this site.

First, please understand that due to severe U.S. Copywrite Law restictions,   the arrangements Dave can list on the Trellis are effectively neutered in certain ways.  Overall notation form has necessarily suffered from these restrictions and I'm guessing that's what has confused you.  Despite any problems here,   I've found the trellis to be the most dependable mixed bag of high-grade short-scores.  ( check out  ' Begin the Beguine'..if yer playing guit,  transpose to A and it's a snap with beauty )

 Just use your ear to break a tune into it's usable parts, throw a few Ma7th's into this particular arrangement for Misty  and yer off to the races..

 Any differences between the Trellis scores and common music sheet stem  mainly from a sad legal problem and have nothing to do with software.

Moreover,  software has NOTHING to do with music and never will.

  ' Music'  is a domain of the Inner perceptions of the human noggin  vs External junk like... 

( 4/4 ,  90 beat )

Software,  Hardware,

  CD's,  LP's,

  Geetars,  Sitars,

  Piccolos,  Pianos,

 Trombones,  Tubas,

 ...Tools to use but all too often are confused with



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