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Author David Luebbert
Posted 7/14/03; 7:22:26 PM
Topic Acpala
Msg# 3800 (in response to 3798)
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A lot of these rhythms are notated in the book that my drum teacher Bill Matthews wrote entitled "Conga Joy". Bill is one of the great resources for rhythms in Seattle and is a wonderful teacher. He has a whole set of materials available in different mediums to help you learn the rhythms (the book, a CD, videos, tapes). See the Conga Joy website.

Some of the other ones not represented in Conga Joy, I found in different versions of Larry Morris's Rhythm Catalog which has been migrating from site to site on Usenet and the Web for years.

My goal is to do decent sounding MIDI renditions so you can get some idea of what the ensemble rhythms and the individual parts can sound like. It's sometimes hard to get rhythms to sound right over a web browser synthesizer given the limitations of the standard MIDI soundset.


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