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Author Charles Schoonmaker
Posted 4/24/04; 12:43:47 AM
Topic I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
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Dave, Your remark , " ..and then proceeds not to sing them. " is interestingly accurate.

Arlen had a facility for having fun with his music. A good example is the basic tune he used for, ' If I only had a Brain ' , ' .. A Heart ' , ' ..the Nerve' in his Wizard of OZ score.

That tune is great fun to play full chord and I keep it in my ' A bag' along with all my Jobin stuff. When I play through 'I Gotta Right....etc ', I get the same sense of Arlen's light-hearted fun of poking at and messing with lyrical material. Perhaps this baby has survived all these years by virture of the fact that it ISN"T the blues. Que No ?

Thanks for posting this. It's now in my 'A bag ".


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