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Author David Luebbert
Posted 3/23/07; 8:22:24 PM
Topic Lonely Woman
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Take a look at this link, which I found on the site for MJQ Music, Inc, the music publisher which controls the copyright for "Lonely Woman" and the vocal version you want to track down:

The page indicates that there is a lead sheet available of the tune, if you contact them for info.

I wonder if Ornette's score will actually show a chord progression for "Lonely Woman". His band was famous for improvising their own harmonic sequences as they went along and for playing free of set harmony in many of their improvisations.

Till I checked on this, I had know idea that MJQ Music had such a large catalog and represented so many important jazz composers: John Lewis, Jimmy Heath, Milt Jackson, Percy Heath, Eric Dolphy, J.J. Johnson, Jim Hall, and Gary McFarland.

The online catalog indicates that lead sheets are available for nearly everything they list. I've sent off an inquiry to find out what the cost is.

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