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Author David Luebbert
Posted 4/6/08; 9:42:38 PM
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Jazz-The Long Trip

This playlist for the Rhapsody Music service will perform several great longer duration jazz performance interspersed with jazz tunes with a travel theme.

When you press the "Jazz: The Long Trip" link above, the playlist page on Rhapsody for that playlist will display in your web browser. It will attempt to launch a popup browser window to start a Rhapsody Player to perform the playlist in your web browser. If you allow the popup to launch you will see the Rhapsody Player window.

Rhapsody allows non-members to play up to 25 entire tracks from their library every month. You can press the Play Now link in the Player window to start lsistening to the Playlist tracks.

Once you've exhausted your free track quota, the Player will perform 30 second excerpts from the beginning of the tracks that you play.

Here's the list presented in a Lala Player widget. Three tracks available on Rhapsody are still missing from Lala's library so this is missing Art Pepper's The Trip, Eric Dolphy's Agression, and Bobby Watson's version of "Appointment In Milano". Advantage: dead simple and starts to play almost instantly.

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