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Author David Luebbert
Posted 7/20/08; 1:06:19 AM
Topic This Love of Mine
Msg# 5492 (in response to 5490)
Prev/Next 5491/5493
Reads 596


I'd prefer that we keep message 5483 and fix it up. The writeup for the tune is complete there. Also you posted the score for the track there. It's less work to fix the original submission than to add the missing stuff to 5485. When the fixup is complete I'll delete 5485.

Message 5483 is no longer slow. I saved your track from 5485 and then the resubmitted that changed track to 5483 using "Edit This Page" feature that I was talking about in my last posting. The "Edit This Page" button appears on your version of the tune page because you originally submitted the music. It was also available to me to execute because I'm the webmaster.

I'll fix the Composer field for 5483 and then your original posting will be complete and correct. I'll also promote it into The Changes. Thanks so much for submitting this.

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