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Author David Luebbert
Posted 4/4/11; 11:59:05 PM
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Those postings tell me other things - I'm no longer the only Tunetext master at SongTrellis

For example, that the person who did those arrangements has completely mastered the use of Tunetext for creating chord arrangements.

That means by hook or crook, the person has figured out that part of the Tunetext specification format pretty completely.

In one of those arrangements posted yesterday, they used a form of chord specification which allowed them to precisely specify the voicings of each chord in their arrangement. This is a sign of mastery of the format.

By default, when those voicing specifications are left out, in the interest of variety, the Tunetext service works out a slightly different way to voice a progression every time it's played.

They could have discovered what they needed by inspecting Tunetext buttons that I've posted to Song Discussions and Public Ideas and looking into the notation that was revealed when they double clicked on those buttons.

They may have also found instructional posts that I've done on the site.

Those of you who feel like you know Tunetext: it would be very helpful to know what your experience has been with it. I'd like to know what worked best for you as you learned to use it.

You are pathfinders. I'd like to direct others down the paths you've broken for yourselves.

If there's things can are still confusing, I think can clear those up for you.

Websites can improve quickly if folks tell the designer how the design works for them. This is still a site designed, constructed and programmed by a single person. I really depend on and am grateful for your feedback.

If there are elements of the Tunetext interface that are getting in the way of your work, I can teach workarounds or change the Tunetext code if that's necessary. With feedback, I'll likely be able to improve the software, which will let others join the party, and make easier use of these tools for their own projects.

See the Feedback link and drop me a line, or else reply to the request via the Comment link below.

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