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Author David Luebbert
Posted 3/27/11; 12:52:26 AM
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Quick, what's the concise description of the Play Rhythm service?

If you follow the Play Rhythm link that appears at the top of most SongTrellis pages or type its URL into your browser,, and submit the service URL without adding any parameters to it, Play Rhythm invents a new rhythm that plays over a varying number of beats, from 2 beats to 16 beats long, chooses a random tempo to play it, performs a MIDI format loop of the rhythm and generates two different kinds of notation to show what's being played.

If you enter the Play Rhythm URL, and add to its end a rhythm= parameter to it followed by a rhythm description, a symbol string that follows simple rules, you've described a rhythm that Play Rhythm can perform and notate for you.

If you further add a bpm= parameter followed by an integer between 1 and 999, you can vary the tempo of the idea that is performed, with the tempo measured in beats-per-minute units.

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