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Lore for best use of the Play Rhythm page

Box notation for Rhythm:          
      Performance tempo: beats per minute   Play click track   Animate Rhythm include TaKeTiNa rhythm translation    include Olatunji syllables    include hit syllables    include sheet music translation   

Skeleton Count for this Rhythm: 4[3+3+4+2+3+1]   Play The Count

Beat:    Subdivision:    Beatword # syllables:
xx * x *  * x *  *  * x * x *  * x

In notation boxes:    
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Perform rhythm loop using: Jazz Plug-in QuickTime Plug-in

Repetitions to generate:  

  Repetitions to generate:  

Ta-Ke-Ti-Na translation for rhythm:

TA-KE-oo-NA | oo-oo-TI-oo | oo-oo-TI-oo | TA-oo-oo-NA

Olatunji syllables for rhythm:
GO-DO-oo-DO | oo-oo-GO-oo | oo-oo-GO-oo | GO-oo-oo-DO

Hit syllables for rhythm:
HIT-HIT-oo-HIT | oo-oo-HIT-oo | oo-oo-HIT-oo | HIT-oo-oo-HIT

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Last update: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 11:36 AM.