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Composer David Luebbert    (click to list other tunes)
Copyright Copyright @2024, David Luebbert
Submitted by David Luebbert
Posted 2/8/24; 12:32:53 AM
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SongTrellis Tonematrix    Beats: Beats subdivided by: Measures: Rows:   Reveal column selection interface for editing. Show buttons that can vary durations of selected columns. Allow column pitch assignments to vary by chord or scale within a matrix. 

Show/Loop Range: Start measure show  measures      Break matrix every measures

1                   2                   3                   4                   1                   2                   3                   4                   1                   2                   3                   4                   1                   2                   3                   4                  

Click a square to add a note to the pattern; click again to remove it.
To quickly clear the matrix, click a square on and off and then press the Space key.

Type a C or S in a cell of the yellow colored row to use a chord pitch
set (C) or a scale pitch set (S) in the selected and following tonematrix columns

 Allow pitch range shifts and melody direction reversals to occur
at chord(C) and scale(S) pitch set boundaries
Click a yellow colored cell to select its column for editing operations.
Shift-click within a yellow colored cell to extend a selection to include further columns


Play Tonematrix:

Matrix rows will play pitches
    Chord progression:
      Matrix pitch assignments are altered, as chords change during the tonematrix performance, to fit each newly sounding chord

   Perform using voice
   Play Tonematrix pattern times at tempo of beats per minute
           Assign pitches to matrix rows starting down from the   pitch in octave
       Perform with click track   Sound chords under matrix performance
 without rebuilding page or changing the page URL
 that plays this loop. URL will specify your score as it sounded when last touched, for saving or sharing.
The updated URL be resubmitted, causing this page to be redrawn entirely


Transpose pitch of last touched grid cell by a    

of last selected cell on
Extend notes to:   
to view or animate music notation for matrix, to save a copy of your music, or customize it.
actions that built this tonematrix.
to a Tonerow.
Perform rhythm loop using: Jazz Plug-in QuickTime Plug-in

  to paste to and collect within an Idea Pad page
  to paste to and collect within an Idea Pad page

    for this tonematrix   

URL that you can use to share this performance via email or website postings: (Select All, then Copy)

Tonematrix specification: (can be shared with other Tonematrix implementations using Copy/Paste)
Change or paste new specification then press "Set Tonematrix" to establish a new matrix all at once.

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