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Flamenco Sketches

Composer Miles Davis    (click to list other tunes)
Submitted by David Luebbert
Posted 1/21/02; 11:29:01 AM
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Chord progression for Miles Davis' Flamenco Sketches, as requested. The chord sequence used here follows those used behind Miles' performance on "Kind Of Blue"

This is a modal tune whose structure is determined by the soloist. The soloists on "Kind Of Blue" thought of this as a sequence of four modes, played in prescribed sequence for however long the soloist wanted them to go on. It's performance depended on Bill Evans picking up their musical cues that they were moving to the next mode. Also, the tune does not have a written melody. It's completely improvised

Miles did 4 bars of C MA7, 4 bars of Ab7sus4, 4 bars of Bb MA7, 8 bars of D7(b6b9) and 4 bars of Gm7. Coltrane emulated Miles except he ended with 5 bars of the Gm7.Cannonball did 10 bars of CMA7, 4 bars of Ab7sus4, 8 bars of GMA7, 8 bars of E7(b6b9), and 4 bars of Em7. Evans chose to do 8 bars of CMA7, 4 bars of Ab7sus4, 8 bars of BbMA7, 4 bars of D7(b6b9), and 4 bars of Gm7.

The scores I'm publishing use E7(b9b13) which has the same spelling as E7(b6b9). This is due to a current limitation in my music editor which will be eventually relaxed.

You can find a transcription of the entire Flamenco Sketches performance and all of the other "Kind of Blue" performances in the "Kind of Blue" transcription published by Hal Leonard.

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