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Alberta Calls Her Home

Composer Napoleon Joseph Martin    (click to list other tunes)
Copyright Copyright ©1984
Submitted by Nappy Martin
Posted 3/26/04; 6:28:32 PM
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the autumn air is brisk and clean, the painted leaves a timeless scene

for those who ply their dreams round new englandís hills

but westbound rolls a train with my love on board again

as in dreams of her own, alberta calls her home

a friendly smile at first belies the sense of distance in her eyes

as she comes on to play, sing a song or two

but each note, as it fades, renders vain this masquerade

for in sweet, gentle drones, alberta calls her home


fare she well, through the wilds, God protect her, ëcross the miles

keep her warm, as she might be, in new england, here with me

the lakelands of ontario laid far behind

the sunset over manitoba bids goodnight the berms of clover


racing through the prairie lands, her destination near at hand

she rides on through the night, bound for edmonton

and fall to winter fades, while her yankee lover waits

pay no mind, deal is done, alberta calls her home

fare she well, through the wildsÖ


for nothing i could offer here would change her mind

and stayíng with me would only leave her

stranded in a world that bleeds her


that would never do for me, my loved one feeling less than free

and as i bide my time, quite contentedly

i think about her smile, and that laugh that bridges miles

while i wait for the morn, alberta calls me homeÖ


c. 2000 Ryeside Music (BMI)

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