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Composer Napoleon Joseph Martin    (click to list other tunes)
Copyright Copyright ©2002 ryeside music (bmi)
Submitted by Nappy Martin
Posted 12/14/04; 7:30:40 PM
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how dassed you wish beyond your star

that youíd presume to go so far

as those of nobler name, of whom not oneís to blame

for whatís become of you

at least we know now who you are

though still we mock you from afar

we never thought to trust, you might be one of us

that took its toll on you

now that youíve licked us at our game,

and wonít go back to whence you came

weíll take you in awhile, until youíre out of style again

cognito, at long last weíve found you

cognito, we canít get around you

nor all that youíve done so well, rising each time you fell

no need your side to tell, we always knew

though not cut out for wealth or fame

your quest for both deserves no shame

for selfless diligence has brought you recompense

beyond our wildest dreams

in friends who proudly can proclaim

they stood behind you even when

there was no telling how you might survive till now

despite our every scheme

those vast ambitions of your soul, that always left us in the cold

now find you realized, within our very eyes to hold

cognito, at long last weíve found you

cognito, we canít get around you

rising each time you fell, to a heaven you carved from hell

no need your side to tell, we always knew


c. 2001 Ryeside Music (BMI)

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