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Te engaìaron/They Deceived You

Composer Luis Prat    (click to list other tunes)
Copyright Copyright ©2005,
Submitted by Luis Prat
Posted 2/11/10; 1:24:39 PM
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Te Engaìaron/ They deceived you lyrics and music by Luis J. Prat

Te mandaron a la guerra a luchar y a morir Te mandaron a matar gente que nunca te hizo naà Te mandaron a defender los intereses del capital Te mandaron a morir por una causa Que no es la tuya Ni la m√a, solo la de ellos Los que mandan, los de siempre, A una guerra que los niìos biºn Nunca lucharΣn.

Te engaìaron con patriotismo y con promesas de poder estudiar Te dijeron que defend√as la democracia y la libertad Bombardeaste, destruiste disparaste y mataste Tambiºn viste a tus compaìeros Volando por el aire en pedacitos Tu regresaste sin tus piernas Tuerto de un ojo, loco de remate De una guerra que los que la empezaron Son muy cobardes paà luchar.

They sent you to a war to fight and to die And they sent you to kill people that never did you any harm. And they sent you to defend the interests of capital And they sent you to your death For a cause thatÃs not your cause Nor is it mine, itÃs only theirs, Those who rule, been ruling for too long To a war the children of the rich Will never have to fight.

They deceived you with patriotism and with promises of higher education And they told you were defending freedom and democracy. And you bombed, you destroyed and you shot and you killed And you got to see your friends Blown up to the sky in little pieces And you came back without your legs Blind in one eye, crazy as hell From a war the chickenhawks who started it Are too coward to fight.

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