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Ideas from Bird's "Yardbird Suite" over random harmony

Composer David Luebbert    (click to list other tunes)
Submitted by David Luebbert
Posted 11/1/10; 10:33:45 PM
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Ideas From Yardbird Suite
Everytime this page refreshes, the Tunetext description stored in this Tunetext button will cause a new
score to be generated and performed. Click on music to launch a Tunetext page so that you can customize
this music for your own purposes.


I took the last 8 measures of Charlie Parker's solo on Yardbird Suite and encoded that melody using the new Tunetext Melodic Motion operators. Then I extracted that Tunetext specification and pasted that into the melody voice of a Tunetext score whose Chord voice regenerates with different chords everytime the Tunetext is refreshed.

The chords that generate are many times quite dissonant so many times the melody that is generated is quite dissonant. Despite that, I was able to find different renditions of the idea as I refreshed this page, which resolved nicely at the last instant. As I discovered these, I submitted them to today's Public Ideas list.

In the interval between 10:23pm and 10:29pm, six scores were generated that I thought were keepers.

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