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Doidice Tonematrix improvisation

Composer David Luebbert    (click to list other tunes)
Copyright Copyright @2013, David Luebbert
Submitted by David Luebbert
Posted 8/28/13; 9:00:18 PM
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This is a 32 measure improvisation on the chords of Djavan's Doidice that I invented this morning. These chords were lifted from a Tunetext form that had been launched via the Excerpt Service page for Doidice, which was accessed through the Doidice chord listing in The Changes.

I should be able to add a button to the Excerpt Service that launches a blank Tonematrix page that plays an excerpted chord progression as a background sound that is synced to the a Tonematrix whose melody loop is guaranteed to fit those chords.

This demonstrates how a sizeable original composition can be sculpted using the facilities provided by the SongTrellis Tonematrix page.

In this instance, a 16 measure tonematrix is broken into 4 measure segments. When you click on the tonematrix image to launch its animation, you'll see that the animation flows from one submatrix to its successor and then wraps back to the beginning of the first when all have been visited.

The 16 measures of the tonematrix generates one melody for the first 16 measures of harmony, and then generates a different but similar melody for the second half of the progression.

This posting also demonstrates how the Tonematrix interface has been extended to handle changes of chord in mid-measure. Until recently, a tonematrix would only change its pitch set at measure boundaries, which caused it to ignore mid-measure chord changes.

Click on matrix image to perform this tonematrix

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