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Tunetext Entry For Score's Chord Voice

Type tunetext that specifies the chord sequence for score:   (eg. C7,/2,D7,E7,*2,A13sus)   
Refer to Chord Grid  for spellings of chord types        Video Demo: Using Tunetext to Create Harmonic Accompaniments

Tunetext Entry For Melody Voice 1

Type tunetext that specifies melody for score:   (eg. /4,4,c,e,g,bb,d,/3,f#,a,5,c,*3,4,e,g#,a,5,d,*2,r)   

     Title:     Show Title      Tempo:  beats per minute

Show Voices:     Kind Of Staff System: 
Time Signature:  /      Key Signature: 

Score Coloring:         Perform with a click track

Show Chord Symbols In Score Hide Chord Symbols
Display Chord Voicing Specifications After Chord Names In Tunetext Lists    Don't Revoice

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Show Entire Score 
Show Score Excerpt    Excerpt First Measure:  Excerpt Last Measure: 

Width of score:  pixels
Preferred Number of Staves To Display In Animations: 

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