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Author Alex
Posted 1/18/06; 2:14:51 AM
Topic Killing Me Softly With His Song
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I've been taking a look to these chords and found they're completely different from the Real Book transcription, which is often very accurate. I'm now posting the chords as they appear in the New Real Book fakesheet, supposedly in the original key (as sung by Roberta Flack that is).

I would appreciate any comments as to why the chord sequences are so different, as my knowledge on harmony is very very limited and I'm pretty lost with this song. My email is alex_osiris(a), in case you may like to have a word on these chords?

EDIT--we've been analysing this song in the link below, in case you may like to have a look, it gets somewhat interesting at the end of the chord sequence:

Many thanks!



Part A:

Bbm7 / Eb9 / Ab / DbMaj7 Bbm7 / Eb9 / Fm / % Bbm7 / Eb7 / Ab / C7

Part "B".

Fm / Bbm7 / Eb / Ab Fm / Bb/D / Eb / Db Ab / Db / GbMaj7 / % F / %

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