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Author Charles Schoonmaker
Posted 1/18/06; 5:32:28 PM
Topic Killing Me Softly With His Song
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   I've tried playing thru this ' real book' version six way of tuesday and sorry,  but it's numbskull crap in it's present form.    In my experience,  just because something appears in a ' realbook'  doesn't make it real or usable.  I could write a book about all the garbage I've come across but in deference to it's author,  often this stuff is based on a single performer's rehamonisations or jazzed version ..  and can't properly be expressed in simple chord sheet format.  Frankly, I wouldn't bother analysing this mess .. and instead,  just look at Dave's Trellis version as a dammed solid Vanilla sheet that can be transposed to any key you choose and then spruced up with all sorts of chord colourings per your talents and likings.

  As a general rule, .. By all means, please begin with Vanilla and add flavor to taste..  otherwise you'll drown while in the process of analysing a lot of indigestable glop !! .. and if it pleases Dave, allow me to refer you to   for further comments on the concept of basic  vanilla scores.

  Best wishes, Chas

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