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Author David Luebbert
Posted 3/30/11; 12:25:49 AM
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The idea behind the SongTrellis Rhythm Web

I've decided I want to creat a collection of interesting rhythms analogous to the harmony collection that I've built for The Changes department of SongTrellis.

I've just announced software, the new Play Rhythm service to make it easy to specify rhythms and play them, and to invent rhythms and audition those inventions.

Along with that, there's now an ever-growing glossary of rhythms available on SongTrellis, a Rhythm Web that collects and categorizes rhythm recommendations that are submitted from Play Rhythm pages.

As of this evening there are 720 rhythms recorded there.

My reasons for collecting such a rhythm glossary are the same as those when I started to collect harmony for The Changes: to collect interesting musical examples for practice, for study, as an idea reference and for composition.

Just as harmony can be excerpted and composed with using SongTrellis web services, I believe that visitors will be soon be able to select rhythms from the Rhythm Web and paint pitches over the rhythms they select to compose their own melodies.

Once a SongTrellis visitor has manually entered a rhythm for Play Rhythm to perform, or else has asked Play Rhythm to invent and perform a new rhythm, they'll likely see a set of three buttons appear in middle of the Play Rhythm webpage that performs their their rhythm.

That button group appears in the page when ever the site's Rhythm Web software notices that the rhythm that is being played is novel (ie. is not currently recorded in the Rhythm Web). The descriptive text in front of the first button says "This rhythm is not listed in the Rhythm Web yet. Do you like it enough to recommend it?". The button label is "Yes". If you do think the rhythm is worth recommending to others, by pressing "Yes" you add the rhythm to the Rhythm Web database.

The label in front of the next two buttons asks "Can you hear a way to make it better?". The label of the second button is "Yes, Launch URL to edit it". If this novel rhythm was randomly generated, it's generated URL appears in a text edit box towards the bottom of the Play Rhythm page, but is not yet loaded into the web browser URL entry field. Pressing the button copies it there.

Then you can edit the rhythm tempo set by its bpm parameter or change it's definition in the URL's rhythm parameter, so that you can revise the rhythm and improve it. After you've changed the URL, you can resubmit the URL to hear how your revision sounds. You can continue to revise until you've perfected the rhythm to the point that you can recommend it.

If you reach that point (I nearly always find that whatever rhythm has been invented is a keeper and just needs its tempo adjusted), you can press the "Yes" button to recommend and record the rhythm.

If you think there is no hope for the rhythm recommended or the experiments you've made with it, you can press the button labeled "No, a New Rhythm Please". That tells Play Rhythm to invent a new rhythm for you to audition, which will appear in your page a second or three later, depending on the current website load.

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