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Author David Luebbert
Posted 3/30/11; 12:39:05 AM
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A specific rhythm is played by Play Rhythm whenever a rhythm = parameter has been added to the end of a Play Rhythm URL that has been submitted to the service.

For example, the URL

will perform and notate a four beat rhythm, with each beat subdivided three times.

The four dash delimited hit groups listed in the rhythm= parameter will performed, one per beat for the four beats that will be played for this rhythm.

Here's the guide to building the rhythm descriptions that Play Rhythm knows how to perform.

A click track will by default be played to accompany the rhythm, with each click marking the beginning of a new beat in the rhythm.

By adding an fClickTrack=0 parameter to a URL's parameter list, the click track can be turned off for a particular URL performance.

By default the rhythms will be performed in a loop four times.

Adding a reps= parameter followed by an integer repetition count allows one to alter the default loop count setting.

Adding a reps=1 parameter would cause a rhythm to be performed only once and to be notated without repetition in the music notation that is generated for the rhythm.

Midi music players such as Apple's QuickTime player usually do not smoothly restart the MIDI files that they are asked to loop. There is always a fraction of a second hesitation between the time a track ends and the time the sequence next restarts. This messes up the flow of beats between the track restarts when you ask QuickTime to loop a sequence.

If you ask the SongTrellis software to repeat a sequence several times in the MIDIs that it generates via the reps parameter, you'll experience no hesitation at the instant a track is repeated.

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